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09.10.07 15 Comments

According to MTV, Nick Cannon is currently involved in the pre-production of an Arthur Ashe biopic, in which he is set to star.

A prominent African-American tennis player in the 1960s, Ashe died after contracting HIV from a blood transfusion during heart surgery. His claim to three Grand Slam titles – and his eventual loss to AIDS – helped bring attention to issues concerning the illness around the globe. 

A beloved celebrity who fought racism and died prematurely – this role has Oscar written all over it.  Naturally, the first person I thought of was the host of Wild 'N Out and the singer of "Your Pops Don't Like Me". 

Look, I'm not saying that he should never do anything serious because his entire existence is like a bad joke and his involvement would only cheapen the subject matter, but… wait, check that, that is what I'm saying.


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