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11.17.09 18 Comments

Rob Marshall (Chicago) directed Nine, a musical about Fellini‘s 8 1/2, and though it doesn’t open until Christmas, it feels like I’ve been hearing Oscar buzz about this for three months now.  Granted, I hate musicals*.  It’s not a knee-jerk jock thing, I just don’t understand the impulse.  You’re telling someone a story and all of a sudden you decide to break into song?  That’s what homeless people do.  But even given it’s not my cup of tea, what the hell is this?  Really, Kate Hudson singing a song on a catwalk, that’s your Oscar pick?   Does this not feel like a commercial to anyone else?  You can try to sexy it up all you want, but I kept expecting Maria Sharapova’s dog to show up.  Oh Daniel Day-Lewis, first a bum foot, now jazz hands.  Will you ever stop faking disabilities for attention? Keep this up and we might have to date.

*Singin’ in the Rain gets a pass

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