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This is the first trailer for Nowhere Boy, based on the memoir by John Lennon’s half sister, Julia Baird.  I’m sure everyone’s sick of slick music biopics by now, but Lennon seems like an obvious subject, even if Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, et. al. flicks got made first.  It’s got a few other factors going for it as well that give me hope it won’t be the usual hokey tear/penis jerker.

  • It narrows its focus on John’s early schoolboy days when he met Paul, rather than all the later stuff that’s already been written about ad nauseum
  • No big-name actors trying to win an Oscar
  • No Beatles songs in the trailer, so at least you know it’s not a cheap ploy to sell more Beatles records
  • Made by British people, and British people are smarter. Sorry, it’s true.  That’s why God made them uglier to even things out.

That’s Aaron Johnson playing the lead, with Thomas Sangster as Paul.  Maybe now he won’t have to be known forever as that adorable little wiener face pus bag from Love Actually.  “Waaah, help me, Dad, I’m in love.”  What did you say?  Son, you better take your ass outside and start throwing rocks at cats if you don’t want to get belted until you piss blood. All I’m saying is, Love Actually would’ve been a lot better if that kid had been raised the by Liam Neeson in Taken rather than Liam Neeson in Love ActuallyYou want her to like you?  Hmm. Have you tried killing a terrorist and leaving it on her doorstep?

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