OH HAI, Van Damme's hot daughter

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06.05.12 35 Comments

Luckily for me and unluckily for him (provided he doesn’t like hearing perverts saying perverted things about his daughter – you never know with these Europeans), Jean-Claude Van Damme brought his 20-year-old daughter, Bianca Bree with him to the MTV Movie Awards. Bree is Van Damme’s second child with his third wife, bodybuilder Gladys Portugues. She’s actually his third and fifth (current) wife, serving two non-consecutive terms, Grover Cleveland-style, with Darcy LaPier in between.

Anyway, I don’t know much about Bianca other than that she’s been in a few of Van Damme’s movies, but I’d like to think that, like her father, “she can do za spleets, no problem.”


“Because of my big legs and karate, I can do the splits, no problem.”

That is just a magnificent line. I want to become a lawyer, just so that I can begin all arguments with “because of my big legs and karate…”

[pictures via Buzzfeed]

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