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08.15.08 38 Comments

FimSchoolRejects recently found this new poster for W, Oliver Stone’s George W. Bush biopic.  It’s obviously employing the speak no evil, put your feet up, speak no evil motif.  

George sent over the above picture, which was taken in downtown Denver. It is a brand new set of posters found outside of a construction site for the upcoming Oliver Stone pic W. At his desk sits Josh Brolin as George W. Bush, with the title of the film and the simple subtitle “A Life Misunderestimated” above him.

Of course, it seems almost too obvious to point out that Denver will play host to the Democratic National Convention on August 25-28. Coincidence? That’s up to you to decide.

Yes… Almost too obvious…  <British accent> What’s your game, Stone! </accent>  Somehow he’s going to sabotage this election using a biopic of a politician who isn’t running in it, by advertising near a convention for the opposition party.  Cunning like a fox, this one.

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