12.04.09 8 years ago 36 Comments

Shirtless ethnic temptation wolf Taylor Lautner’s IMDB page is about to get even sh-ttier if the LA Times is to be believed. They say he’s “in talks” to play Max Steel, a concept which sounds like an energy drink went double pits to chesty with a Superman comic and gave birth to Vin Diesel.

“Steel” [Thanks for shortening the title, broseph! *air guitar*] traces back to the toy shelf — the Mattel line that hit stores in 2001, pulled in $100 million in worldwide business in its first year and spawned an animated series that lasted three seasons.

Lautner would play Josh McGrath, a 19-year-old extreme-sports athlete who is accidentally exposed to the unleashed power of nanotechological [sic] machines, which become part of him and give him increased strength, near-invulnerability and the ability to change his appearance.

No word on whether this would mean he wouldn’t be back for the next Twilight movie.  But if they need a new Jacob, I could totally do it.  I’d be good at playing a werewolf because growing up with my stepdad, I was always dodging Silver Bullets.

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