Danny Trejo

UPROXX Interview: Danny Trejo Talks Super Bowl Ads, #DeflateGate, And ‘Better Call Saul’

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The 70-year old legend tells us what it's like to play Marcia Brady in the frontrunner for the best commercial of Super Bowl XLIX.


Review: ‘The Duke Of Burgundy’ The Best Hardcore BDSM Lesbian Lepidopterist Film Of All Time

By | 19 Comments

Heather reviews Duke Of Burgundy, "The Best Hardcore BDSM Lesbian Lepidopterist Film Of All Time."


The Latest Trailer For ‘It Follows’ Is Just As Creepy As The Last One

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A young girl contracts a sexually-transmitted demon in one of the smartest, scariest, most entertaining horror films of the past few years.

doctor strange

Marvel Wants To Add Star Power To ‘Doctor Strange’ With Chiwetel Ejiofor

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It isn't known which character he'd play, but Chiwetel Ejiofor would be a great addition to the Benedict Cumberbatch-led film.


Frotcast 236: ‘American Sniper’ With Matt Ufford; A Man With Two Buttholes

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We talk 'American Sniper' with Marine veteran Matt Ufford, and field an email from a guy with two buttholes.

Michael Bay

Michael Bay Apologizes For Using Real Footage Of Deadly Plane Crash In Movie

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Following his apology, Bay is expected to be grounded in his room.


Review: ‘A Most Violent Year’ Stars Oscar Isaac As The Tony Montana Of Law-Abiding Latinos

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'A Most Violent Year' is an inspired, thought-provoking, and wildly competent film that you can't help but wish was a little more fun.

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins Is One Crafty Beer Billionaire In The Trailer For ‘Kidnapping Mr. Heineken’

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Check out the trailer for 'Kidnapping Mr. Heineken,' which tells the true story of the beer billionaire's frightening ordeal.

#Star Wars

George Lucas Says Disney Wasn’t Interested In His ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Ideas

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George Lucas claims that while his ideas for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' were purchased by Disney, JJ Abrams and Co. chose not to use them.


Salma Hayek Has A Plan To Stay Alive In The New Trailer For ‘Everly’

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In the new trailer for 'Everly,' Salma Hayek seems to be handling every Yakuza assassin just fine on her own.


Attention Shoppers: Benedict Cumberbatch Leggings Are Officially On Sale

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Fashion label releases leggings covered in the actors face, "for the Cumberb*tches."


A Supercut Of The Idiotic Questions Actresses Get Asked On The Red Carpet

By | 24 Comments

Press tour interviewers say the darndest things, the supercut.


Nicolas Cage Will Star In Larry Charles’ Comedy About Hunting Osama Bin Laden

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Nicolas Cage will play a "normal guy" who hunts for Bin Laden in Pakistan by his lonesome, obviously.


Sean Penn Also Has A Sniper Movie He Would Like You To Watch, Please

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Sean Penn is entering the Liam Neeson phase of his career, or at least trying to.


Here Are All The Movies Disappearing From Netflix In February

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There will be a lot less Batman and James Bond in February.


Another Victim Of Teenage Mark Wahlberg Has Come Forward, And Thinks He Shouldn’t Be Pardoned

By | 39 Comments

Another one of Mark Wahlberg's victims has come forward and is much less zen about the whole thing.


The Writer Of ‘Peaky Blinders’ Is Taking On The ‘World War Z’ Sequel With Promises Of A Clean Slate

By | 17 Comments

Steven Knight is writing the sequel to 'World War Z' and has promised the new story will start with a clean slate.

david lynch

These Videos Prove That David Lynch Is The Most Peculiar Man In Hollywood

By | 7 Comments

Celebrate David Lynch's birthday with these videos that prove he may be the most eclectic man in cinema.

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