Kat Dennings’s New Movie Features Today’s Hottest Musical Acts

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Kat Dennings and Chad Michael Murray made a chad michael movie about how hard high school is.


Monica Bellucci Is Proud To Be James Bond’s First Mature Woman Lover For ‘SPECTRE’

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At 50, Monica Bellucci is the oldest actress to portray a James Bond love interest, and she says Sam Mendes is a hero for making it happen.

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You Go Big Or You Go Home: An Oral History Of The Creation And Evolution Of ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Parks and Recreation will go down as one of the best comedies in TV history. We talked to some of the brilliant people who made it happen.

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The Academy Awards Ratings Were The Lowest Since 2009

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Only 36.6 million people tuned in to watch Neil Patrick Harris inspire mild laughter, but that was still more than any other award show.


Travolta, Outrage, And Dancing Legos: Eight Thoughts About The Oscars Telecast

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The "Everything Is Awesome" number was amazing and I will fight you if you disagree.


Richard Pryor’s Widow Talks ‘Pissed Off’ Nick Cannon, Her Falling Out With Mike Epps, And Family Squabbles

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Jennifer Lee Pryor talks about Nick Cannon still being mad, her falling out with Mike Epps, and court battles with Richard's children.

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The 87th Academy Awards: Vegas Odds, Prop Bets, And Live Thread

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Talking, betting, drinking - it's all here in the Oscars live thread.


Drafthouse Is Releasing The Film That Almost Got Its Cast Eaten By Lions

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Want to see the film where Tippi Hedren let an untrained jaguar lick honey off her face?


Samuel Jackson On Bill Cosby: ‘I Wish He Would Say Something’

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"I make my judgment because I have a daughter, I have a wife I love and I have a lot of women in my life."


Your 2015 Oscars Drinking Game

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New rules this year include The Eddie Redmayne Rule and the Still Alice Corollary.


A Woman Was Arrested For Allegedly Masturbating While In Handcuffs During ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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After weeks of waiting, someone finally got arrested for allegedly masturbating while watching 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'.

fifty shades darker

E.L. James Wants More Control Over The Script For ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

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Despite having never written a screenplay, author E.L. James reportedly wants the job for 'Fifty Shades Darker.'


Shailene Woodley Is Super Sad In The First Clip From ‘Insurgent’

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Tris doesn't want anyone else to die because of her in the first official clip from 'Insurgent.'


Mo’Nique Worries She Was ‘Blackballed’ After Winning Her Oscar

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Where the hell has Mo'Nique been since she won an Oscar?

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All The Things You Probably Don’t Know About Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Traffic’

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Benicio del Toro's elite company, Harrison Ford's involvement, an almost NC-17 rating, and everything else you don't know about 'Traffic.'


Full Circle At The AVNs: Farrell Timlake Talks Being Trey Parker’s ‘Porn Concierge’ And More

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "porn concierge" during 'Orgazmo' talks about some of the real-life inspirations for the film.


Frotcast 239: Germany’s Punk Rock Vagina Movie, With Brian Abrams

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The Frotcast reviews 'Wetlands' and interviews 'Party Like A President' author Brian Abrams.

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