#Bill Murray

Watch A Clueless Reporter Awkwardly Interview Bill Murray, Chevy Chase And The Cast Of ‘Caddyshack’

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What happens when a clueless grandmother is assigned the task of interviewing the biggest comedy heavyweights of 1980?

#Sundance 2015

‘Grandma’ Stars Lily Tomlin As A Sassy Grandma In A Sundance Conventional Dramedy

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Lily Tomlin gives no Fs in the Sundance dramedy 'Grandma,' which seems too impressed with its own very mild outrageousness.

#Doctor Strange

‘Hannibal’ Star Mads Mikkelsen In Talks To Join Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

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Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' is eyeing Mads Mikkelsen to take on villain role opposite Benedict Cumberbatch.


Now Jared Leto Is Method Acting So Hard His Costars Don’t Even Recognize Him

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Margot Robbie "doesn't even recognize" Jared Leto out of his make up. Uh huh. Mmm hmm. It's really an amazing transformation.

#Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway’s Baby Shower Will Be Interrupted By Killer Alien Meteors In ‘The Shower’

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You best believe you're going to pay if you bust up Anne Hathaway's baby shower.


Frotcast 262: We Are Your Friends, Suge Knight, And Dread Zeppelin With Jason Dove

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The Frotcast talks We Are Your Friends, the Suge Knight/Eazy-E AIDS conspiracy, and drought shaming.

#Filmdrunk Reviews

‘No Escape’ Is A Peculiar Blend Of Intense Realism And Hollywood Schmaltz

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Intense depictions of murder and rape and sappy family drama are a strange, strange mix.

#Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer Are Writing A Screenplay Together

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Two of the internet's favorite blondes are combining their powers, and we all win.

#Filmdrunk Reviews

‘We Are Your Friends’ Is So Almost-Great That You Wish It Wasn’t About EDM

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'We Are Your Friends' is tantalizingly close to good, which seems like a miracle, given the trailer.

Bruce Willis

Did Bruce Willis Get Fired From Woody Allen’s Latest Movie? (Probably)

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Bruce Willis and Woody Allen are locked in the beef of the century, probably.


‘Beetlejuice’ Could Have Starred Sam Kinison And ‘Day-O’ Was Almost Cut

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Let's turn back the clock to 1988 and take a look at how one of Tim Burton's early masterpieces ended up coming together!

tim burton

Becoming The Master Of The Macabre: A Look At Tim Burton’s Early Career And Work

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Before 'Beetlejuice' made him a household name, Tim Burton was already one of the most creative minds on the planet.

#This Week In Posters

This Week In Posters Is Back, Now With Zac Efron

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This week's crop of posters has Nic Cage face, subliminal crotchvertising, mismatched names/faces, a closed-eyed headbutt, and, dare I say it, *art*.


Death To Lazily-Cooked Home Fries, Long Live Hash Browns

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Lazily-cooked home fries, aka "F*ck You Potatoes" are the worst.