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‘Straight Outta Compton,’ Dee Barnes, And F. Gary Gray Plays The Oprah Card

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In response to legitimate questions about Dee Barnes and "bye, Felicia," director F. Gary Gray basically says it's fine because Oprah liked it.

more f cking zombies

‘Scout’s Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse’ NSFW Trailer Proves We Will Never Run Out Of Zombie Angles

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Naked women spray blood on hairless boy scouts in the red-band trailer for 'Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse.'


Frotcast 261: The Fat Jew, Ashley Madison, And YouTube Prank Videos With Jane Harrison

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The Fat Jew probably deserves his detractors, but are some of them pronouncing it with a hard J? Matt Lieb investigates.

Regal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas Will Now Search Your Bag When You See A Movie And People Have Mixed Feelings

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If you're planning on bringing a bag with you the movies, you might want to think twice if it's at a Regal Cinemas.


The Owner Of Mikey’s House From ‘The Goonies’ Has Had Enough Of The Movie’s Fans

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The woman who owns the Walsh family's home from 'The Goonies' is tired of the movie's fans vandalizing and disrespecting her property.


Channing Tatum Rescued A Horse

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C-Tates adopted a horse and fed it some beer - today's top story.


Ask A Porn Star: What Was Your Grossest On-Set Experience?

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Adult film stars' bad days at the office are probably worse than yours.

#Straight Outta Compton

‘Straight Outta Compton’s Sox Hat Mistake, And The Great Sox/Sex Hat Trend Of The Mid-1990s

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'Straight Outta Compton' and the awesomely 90s trend of changing your Sox hat to say "Sex."

#Straight Outta Compton

Suge Knight’s Lawyer Calls ‘Straight Outta Compton’ ‘Exaggerated And Silly’ As He Awaits Trial For Murder

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Suge Knight's lawyer says 'Straight Outta Compton' is very unfair to Suge, who is currently in jail for murder.


Remembering ‘Juiced,’ OJ Simpson’s Bizarre, Punk’d-Style Prank Video

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Remembering OJ Simpson's bizarre, Punk'd-style prank video and gangster rap.


The Dallas Exxxotica Expo Attracted Some Awful Anti-Porn Protestors (And Some Nice Ones)

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Some protestors will scream "whore!" at you and blame you for rape, while others just hand out free t-shirts.


Roland Emmerich’s White-Washed ‘Stonewall’ Gets A Parody Trailer

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A famous riot started by trans women? Definitely make the hero a white guy named "Danny."

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Miles Teller And Josh Trank Reportedly Dared Each Other To A Fist Fight During ‘Fantastic Four’

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'Come at me bro.' 'You first, bro.' 'Come on, bro, you gonna do it or what?' 'You'd like that, wouldn't you, bro?' Et cetera.


Disney Unveils New Pixar Films, Brings Back Talking Animals Who Dress Like People (And More From D23)

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D23: Disney previews a talking animal movie, new Pixar projects, including Moana, Gigantic, The Good Dinosaur, Toy Story 4, Coco, and more.

#Friday Conversation

Friday Conversation: What’s The Most Attractive TV Or Film Cast Of All-Time?

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If you could pick the cast of one movie or show to have sex with, which would it be?


Revisited: ‘Are We There Yet,’ Ice Cube’s Least Dangerous Movie

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In honor of the biopic about the world's most dangerous group, we revisit Ice Cube's least dangerous movie.

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‘Straight Outta Compton’ Is A Barely Disguised Commercial For Ice Cube, And It’s Great

By | 84 Comments

The movie produced by Ice Cube includes a scene in which we see Ice Cube writing the script for 'Friday.' Seriously.

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