Ernest the Worrell'd Tour

Ernest, The Worrell’d Tour Part 6: ‘Ernest Rides Again’ Is A Forgotten Semi-Classic

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Ernest Rides Again is an unexpected turn for the funny. It has lots to offer, other than a good plot or decent acting.


Channing Tatum’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Film Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon

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Channing Tatum called his 'Ghostbusters' project 'messy,' but Reid Carolin says it's just not happening at all anymore.


Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Are Producing A FIFA Movie *Not* Funded By FIFA

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American FIFA exec Chuck Blazer reportedly kept a Trump Tower apartment just for his cats.


Rose McGowan’s Former Talent Agency Has Responded To Her Claims That She Was Fired

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Innovative Artists has responded to Rose McGowan's claims that she was fired for her comments on a recent casting call.


William Hurt Opens Up About The Accident That Killed Sarah Jones

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William Hurt opens up about watching a crew member die while running from a speeding train.


Gangster Tom Hardy Plays His Own Psychotic Gay Twin In ‘Legend’

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Starring Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy as a London gangster and his bisexual twin.


Alison Brie Is A Recovering Sex Addict In ‘Sleeping With Other People’

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Alison Brie plays a recovering sex addict. God I hope she goes method for this role.


Screech Has Been Sentenced To Four Months In Jail For His Wild Night Of Stabbings And Smirnoff Icings

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Screech is going to the slammer for stabbing people and icing dudes who weren't his bros.

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Oil Yourselves Up And Check Out These New Clips From ‘Magic Mike XXL’


'Magic Mike XXL' is almost here, so start waving your dollar bills in the air while you watch these new clips.


Frotcast 254: ‘True Detective,’ ‘Ballers,’ And Addressing My Haters (With Burnsy!)

By | 26 Comments

We argue over whether 'True Detective' is suffering from 'gritty overload,' and whether Colin Farrell's character is a good dad, or the best dad.


Rose McGowan: My Agent Fired Me For Calling Out Sexist Hollywood ‘Bullsh*t’

By | 48 Comments

Rose McGowan criticized an Adam Sandler movie, immediately got fired.


‘Dukes Of Hazzard’s Ben ‘Cooter’ Jones Says The Confederate Flag Represents ‘Family And Good Times’

By | 101 Comments

"Cooter Davenport" says the Confederate flag represents "COURAGE AND FAMILY AND GOOD TIMES."

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