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Comments Of The Week: Collaborative Comedy Edition

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The best comments of the week, or as close as we can get.


Michelle Rodriguez Says Paul Walker’s Death Caused Her To Get ‘Pretty Crazy’

By | 23 Comments

The 'Furious 7' actress says she was unable to cope with Paul Walker's death, and that led to her doing things she wouldn't normally do.


Check Out This Awesome Short About Space Whales Neill Blomkamp Has Signed On To Produce

By | 16 Comments

An Irish director's short about harvesting space whales for their magical eggs is set to become a feature produced by Neill Blomkamp and Simon Kinberg.


Adult Director David Lord On Life Away From The Cameras (The Adult Film Minute)

By | 4 Comments

March Men-Ness: Some of the lesser-known guys who work in porn tell us what they do when the cameras stop rolling.


The Full Trailer For ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’, Starring Topless Tom Cruise

By | 64 Comments

Tom Cruise hangs off the side of a plane and the bad guys are all "pew pew!" and a pretty lady takes her clothes off. Yay!

awkward interviews

This Interviewer Wasn’t Putting Up With Ben Kingsley’s Bullsh*t

By | 34 Comments

A British columnist's interview with Ben Kingsley turned testy, and the resulting profile is wonderful.

NCAA Tournament

March Morbidity Savage 16: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

By | 22 Comments

Our quest to pick the ultimate action movie death scene continues with the Sweet 16.

#Weekend Box Office

Weekend Box Office: ‘Divergent’ Earned More Than 10 Times Sean Penn’s ‘Taken’ Movie

By | 19 Comments

Sean Penn's non-Taken Taken movie did even worse than Liam Neeson's non-Taken Taken movie.


‘Abs As Tight As His Grimace': Sean Penn’s ‘The Gunman,’ As The Critics Described It

By | 27 Comments

We used review quotes to recreate the entire plot of The Gunman, a film starring Sean Penn as "a glum, sour-faced sociopath."

death scenes

March Morbidity Round 2: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

By | 22 Comments

Our March Madness-inspired action movie death scene tournament continues after a first round packed with upsets.


Ten Ways to Fix The ‘Divergent’ Series Debacle

By | 35 Comments

Because it's our job, the Internet steps in to fix a young adult franchise.


Abel Ferrara Sends IFC A Cease And Desist In The Feud Over ‘Welcome To New York’

By | 17 Comments

"Some people wear hoods and carry automatic weapons, others sit behind their desks, but the attack and attempted suppression of the rights of the individual are the same."


Ronda Rousey And Michelle Rodriguez Duke It Out In This New ‘Furious 7′ Clip

By | 22 Comments

The latest clip from 'Furious 7' features Ronda Rousey and Michelle Rodriguez beating the crap out of each other in dresses.

armando iannucci

‘Veep’ Creator Armando Iannucci Is Planning A Comedy About The Death Of Stalin

By | 16 Comments

The creator of Veep has his sights set on that red-pleated sh*t gibbon, Joseph Stalin.


Frotcast 242: ‘The Jinx’ vs. ‘Serial,’ ‘Divergent,’ And ‘I Hate Christian Laettner’

By | 12 Comments

All the Robert Durst conversation you can fit in your earholes, plus, Laremy reports live from The Divergent Series: Insurgent.


Live Blogging Randy And Evi Quaid’s Sex Tape

By | 48 Comments

Randy and Evi Quaid had vanilla sex inside a windowless room while their dog barked, and I watched it all for you.

#This Week In Posters

This Week In Posters: Horses, Blake Lively, And The Rock

By | 39 Comments

The Rock fights earthquakes and Jennifer Aniston poops in a purse, in this week's This Week in Posters.

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