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Weekend Box Office: ‘Paul Blart 2′ Made More Money Than You’d Think

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2 Blart 2 Furious couldn't compete with 7 Fast 7 Furious, but it still made more money than you'd think.


Josh Hartnett Regrets Not Being Batman So He Could Be Tight With Christopher Nolan

By | 16 Comments

In a new interview, the 'Penny Dreadful' actor admits saying no to Christopher Nolan cost him some pretty big roles.


The Plot Of ‘Paul Blart Mall Cop 2,’ Recreated With Quotes From Angry Critics

By | 29 Comments

"Blart falls down seven times, and gets hit or is hit by something five times. He also cries four times and gets attacked by two different animals."


‘Roar’ Is Basically An Absurdly Dangerous, $17 Million Cat Video About Killer Lions

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'Roar' is roughly a cross between the movie the Grizzly Man from 'Grizzly Man' might've made and mom's emails about her cat.


Hey, Girl: Ryan Gosling Might Star In The ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

By | 8 Comments

Alcon Entertainment announced that Ryan Gosling is 'in negotiations' to star alongside Harrison Ford in 'Blade Runner 2.'


Frotcast 245: ‘Furious’ And MTV Movie Awards With Joe Sinclitico And Matt Louv

By | 10 Comments

Old Frotcast favorites Joe Sinclitico (Joe King) and Matt Louv (The Museum of Comedy) are live in-studio for this week's SoCal Frotcast.


Listen To Me On This Week’s ‘Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend’

By | 11 Comments

Now Alison Rosen can be *your* new best friend, as long as you remember that she was my best friend first.


Porn Stars Describe The Worst Reaction They’ve Ever Gotten From Someone Finding Out They Work In Porn

By | 26 Comments

Adult performers at the AVNs describe the worst reaction they've ever gotten from people finding out they work in porn.

mad max: fury road

Remember The Road Warrior In The New Legacy Trailer For ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

By | 15 Comments

The latest trailer for George Miller's 'Mad Max: Fury Road' takes us back to the beginning, with Mel Gibson in 'Mad Max.'


Please Don’t Tell Me That Dennis Quaid Freakout Video Was A Setup For *This*

By | 13 Comments

This Funny or Die (Die) video explains that Dennis Quaid on set meltdown video. Was it all for *this*?

Wiz Khalifa

Here’s Another Clip Of Vin Diesel Singing That Paul Walker Tribute Song And It’s Starting To Seem Weird

By | 13 Comments

That "emotional Vin Diesel sings 'See You Again'" story is starting to feel like deja vu.


Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Is Apprenticing Under A Plastic Surgeon

By | 40 Comments

She's going to get a great letter of recommendation for Backdoor Teen Medical School.


John Singleton Dropped Out Of A Tupac Biopic Because Studio ‘Wasn’t Respectful’ Of Tupac’s Legacy

By | 23 Comments

John Singleton calls out his former studio sponsors, it's just like Tupac and Biggie.

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

The Legend Keeps On Keepin’ On In The First Teaser For ‘Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser’

By | 22 Comments

David Spade is back in Hollywood's most glorious mullet wig in this first teaser for 'Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.'

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