Tom Hardy Vows No More Rom-Coms After The ‘Miserable’ ‘This Means War’

By | 19 Comments

Tom Hardy says making that McG rom-com might've been a bad idea.


The Off-Broadway Production Of ‘American Psycho’ Has Been Axed

By | 3 Comments

Act 4 decided that the 'American Psycho' musical was too big for Second Stage, so Patrick Bateman will not be coming to off-Broadway.


And Now We Have Will Ferrell Hinting That ‘Zoolander 2′ Is Seriously Happening

By | 12 Comments

Rumors about a possible 'Zoolander' sequel are heating up as Will Ferrell spills the beans about a solid script.

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The Wine Was Fake In ‘Sideways’ And Other Things You Might Not Know About The Film Ten Years Later

By | 44 Comments

Feel free to enjoy these movie facts with a glass of wine, but it better not be any f*cking Merlot!

#James Franco

Selections From James Franco’s New Book Reveal That He Has Officially Lost It

By | 24 Comments

Get ready for Elizabeth Taylor, homo-eroticism, and cherry red g-strings.

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James Franco Has Acquired The Rights To Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Rant’

By | 30 Comments

Chuck Palahniuk seems pretty happy that James Franco's production company has closed a deal for his best-selling novel 'Rant.'

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The Japanese ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Commercials Are The Best In The World

By | 13 Comments

As 'Guardians of the Galaxy' premieres in Japan this week, let's enjoy these wonderful and strange character TV ads.


The New Rambo Movie Has Been Given The Mysterious Subtitle: ‘Last Blood’

By | 32 Comments

Rumors have surfaced that the next 'Rambo' will be called 'Last Blood' and will feature 'Lotsa Blood.'

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Tom Hardy Steals A Pit Bull Puppy And Your Heart In ‘The Drop’

By | 42 Comments

You'll probably want to wrap your ovaries in Saran Wrap to keep them from exploding.


Frotcast 220: ‘The Room,’ With Aaron Barrett, A Tommy Wiseau Employee For 11 Years

By | 15 Comments

We talked to Aaron Barrett, who worked for Tommy Wiseau for 11 years!

ted 2

Morgan Freeman Joins ‘Ted 2′ As The Stuffed Bear’s Civil Rights Lawyer

By | 5 Comments

Freeman will defend a glorified Beanie Baby in Seth MacFarlane's latest.


Ellen Made Channing Tatum Face His Greatest Fear… Porcelain Dolls

By | 9 Comments

Channing Tatum was ambushed by Ellen DeGeneres when she made him confront his fear of creepy porcelain dolls.

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