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Comments Of The Week: We Bombed A Zoo

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Weekend Box Office: One Smash, One Sleeper And One Bomb

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Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ Will Get A Very Holy Premiere At The Vatican, Minus One Special Guest

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Frotcast 316: ‘Nocturnal Animals’ And Butt Stuff, With Matt Lieb And Laremy

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Watch The First Trailer For Martin Scorsese’s Japanese Epic ‘Silence’ Here

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‘Bad Santa 2’ Is An Airplane-Worthy Sequel To A Modern Classic

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Adam McKay And Will Ferrell Are Making A Movie About Former Vice President Dick Cheney

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A ‘Suicide Squad’ Fan Tried To Round Up Every Deleted Scene Of The Joker

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This Week In Movie Posters: ‘Kong’ Apes Apocalypse Now While ‘Rogue One’ Pays Homage To Oliver Stone

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‘Captain America: Civil War,’ ‘Fuller House’ Season 2, And More Are Coming To Netflix In December 2016

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Pixar’s ‘Cars 3’ Teaser Trailer Is Weirdly Depressing

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‘Allied’ Is Robert Zemeckis’ Best Movie In Years, Maybe Decades

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