fifty shades darker

E.L. James Wants More Control Over The Script For ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

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Despite having never written a screenplay, author E.L. James reportedly wants the job for 'Fifty Shades Darker.'


Shailene Woodley Is Super Sad In The First Clip From ‘Insurgent’

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Tris doesn't want anyone else to die because of her in the first official clip from 'Insurgent.'


Mo’Nique Worries She Was ‘Blackballed’ After Winning Her Oscar

By | 67 Comments

Where the hell has Mo'Nique been since she won an Oscar?

#Fascinating Facts

All The Things You Probably Don’t Know About Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Traffic’

By | 18 Comments

Benicio del Toro's elite company, Harrison Ford's involvement, an almost NC-17 rating, and everything else you don't know about 'Traffic.'


Full Circle At The AVNs: Farrell Timlake Talks Being Trey Parker’s ‘Porn Concierge’ And More

By | 32 Comments

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "porn concierge" during 'Orgazmo' talks about some of the real-life inspirations for the film.


Frotcast 239: Germany’s Punk Rock Vagina Movie, With Brian Abrams

By | 13 Comments

The Frotcast reviews 'Wetlands' and interviews 'Party Like A President' author Brian Abrams.


Neill Blomkamp Thinks ‘Alien’ Is Officially His Next Film

By | 28 Comments

It finally looks like Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien' concept art is going to be put to good use.


Jean-Claude Van Damme Wants His Kidney Back From Organ Thieves In ‘Pound Of Flesh’

By | 13 Comments

Remember that urban legend about waking up and realizing someone stole your kidney? Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in a movie about that.


Kristen Stewart Says She’s ‘Really F*cking Proud’ Of ‘Twilight’

By | 18 Comments

Kristen Stewart tells Patti Smith that she's 'really f*cking proud' of Twilight.


Oscars Voter Says ‘There Was No Art To Selma,’ And Other Idiotic Things

By | 155 Comments

The Hollywood Reporter runs an anonymous interview with the worst moviegoer ever.


A Corpse Was Dressed As Green Lantern And Propped Upright For His Wake

By | 33 Comments

A family in Puerto Rico honored a dying man's wish to creep the hell out of everyone.

Michael Bay

Celebrate Michael Bay’s 50th Birthday With His Most Ridiculous And Explosive Action Scenes

By | 13 Comments

Celebrate Michael Bay's 50th birthday with this very explosive ranking of the director's most absurd action scenes.


‘Home Street Home,’ Fat Mike’s Punk Rock Bondage Musical (The Adult Film Minute)

By | 14 Comments

Fat Mike, a FemDomme, and Jeff Marx from Avenue Q collaborated on a musical opening this week in San Francisco.


Parents Complained When ‘Fifty Shades’ Played Alongside ‘Sponge Bob’ At A Drive-In Theater

By | 19 Comments

Anything that leads to outraged parents and crying children is generally pretty funny by me.


BookDrunk: ‘Mastering The Art Of Soviet Cooking,’ Our Favorite Book Of 2014, With Anya Von Bremzen

By | 33 Comments

Using food to see the people behind the Cold War propaganda, with James Beard Award-winner Anya Von Bremzen.


How A Marvel Regular Was Supposed To Be In The Trashy ‘Wild Things’ Threesome

By | 24 Comments

A Marvel mainstay nearly participated in the infamous "Wild Things" threesome.

Super Fan Builds

An ‘Up’ Super-Fan Received A Dog House Straight Out Of His Favorite Movie

By | 4 Comments

The latest episode of 'Super-Fan Builds' features an 'Up' fan's dog receiving the ultimate dream house.

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