Idris Elba Says Any Chance Of Him Playing James Bond Is Now ‘Gone’

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If Idris Elba never plays James Bond, we only have ourselves to blame.


Morgan Spurlock Is Making A Documentary About ‘Artisanal’ Products… Sponsored By Häagen-Dazs

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A company owned by General Mills and Nestlé is giving Morgan Spurlock money to explore artisanal products.

#The Interview

A Defector Dropped 80,000 Copies Of ‘The Interview’ Over North Korea This Weekend

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As if life in North Korea wasn't already sh*tty enough, now 'The Interview' DVDs are falling from the skies.

robert downey jr. is the coolest

Robert Downey Jr. Helped Raise $2 Million For Charity, So Here’s A New ‘Avengers: Age Of Utron’ TV Spot

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The man who plays Tony Stark helped raise $2 million for a children's charity, so he rewarded fans with this new 'Avengers' TV spot.


Paul Walker’s Brother Cody Has An Agent Now

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Paul Walker's brother Cody has an agent now, because why wouldn't he.

george clooney

An Italian Mayor Has Made It Illegal To Approach George Clooney Or His Beautiful Home

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Celebrities are just like us, except they can go to Europe and make their own laws.


‘Human Centipede 3′ Will Feature A ‘500-Person Prison Centipede,’ Obviously

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The release date and synopsis for "Human Centipede 3" are out. Hope you like 500 inmates sewn together mouth-to-anus.

furious 7

‘Furious 7′ Scientifically Proven To Be The Fastest, Most Furious Film Ever

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If you were wondering how fast and furious Furious 7 is in comparison to other fast and furious movies, the data has been compiled!


BookDrunk: About That Time Kim Jong-Il Kidnapped The Producer Of ‘Three Ninjas’

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The producer of '3 Ninjas' spent almost a decade as a prisoner in North Korea, forced to make bad movies for Kim Jong-Il.


John Travolta Comments On ‘Going Clear,’ Says ‘I’ve Been Very Happy With Scientology’

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John Travolta sounds like he's either very happy with the Church of Scientology or very afraid of what they'll do to him.


Honor Blackman Says Daniel Craig Is The Best James Bond Of Them All

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The actress who played Pussy Galore said that Craig is not only better than Sean Connery, but the best actor to ever play 007.


Frotcast/BookDrunk Radio: ‘A Kim Jong-Il Production’ Author Paul Fischer


The audio version of my interview with Paul Fischer, author of 'A Kim Jong-Il Production,' a book about North Korea's 1978 kidnapping of a South Korean director and actress.

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo Says ‘Machete Kills Again… In Space’ Will Film Later This Year

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It sounds like a joke, but Danny Trejo is apparently serious about a third 'Machete' film.

WonderCon 2015

Just The Tip: Brief Thoughts On WonderCon From A Virgin

By | 49 Comments

A comic book pseudo-virgin attended a WonderCon preview and this is what I learned.


‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Finally Has A Porn Parody, And Groot Is A Penis

By | 16 Comments

The geniuses from WoodRocket are back with the blockbuster comic book porn parody 'Gnardians of the Galaxy.'

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