Meet Ladybaby, Where Heavy Metal And Aussie Pro Wrestling Meet J-Pop

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Ladybeard is an Australian pro wrestler and heavy metal singer who fronts a Japanese J-Pop supergroup with Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya.


Jennifer Lawrence Has A Shotgun In David O. Russell’s ‘Joy’

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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are back together and should probably just have sex already.

#Food Network

Food Network Star Power Rankings Week 6: The Improv Disaster

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The Harissa Bot 5000 channeled Jeffrey Ross for Food Network Star's zingiest episode yet.

#Batman v Superman

Jesse Eisenberg Likens Attending Comic-Con To Enduring ‘Some Kind Of Genocide’

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The 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' actor also compared journalists to 'pariahs.' Oh, and he said this while being interviewed by one.

#Suicide Squad

In Honor Of ‘Suicide Squad': A Brief History Of Slowed-Down Dramatic Cover Songs In Trailers

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How often have trailers used slowed-down dramatic covers of upbeat songs? A lot.


An Important Update On The Rat Jared Leto Gave To Margot Robbie

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Your weekly check-in with Rat Rat, Margot Robbie's pet rat.


Christopher Nolan, Pixar, ‘Ant-Man,’ And The Enduring Power Of ‘Ghost’! (Laremy’s Hot Links)

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So many hot takes to start your week - from liking Christopher Nolan ... to liking Quentin Tarantino!

#Suicide Squad

Watch The First Official, High Quality Trailer For ‘Suicide Squad’ Now

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No more low quality cell phone footage, because the HD version of the 'Suicide Squad' Comic-Con trailer has arrived.

#SDCC 2015

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Dropped A Brand New Poster At Comic-Con

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The film also debuted its online presence in full, because when I think "social media bonanza," Tarantino's name immediately comes to mind.

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In ‘Self/less,’ An Intriguing Premise Becomes A Cut-Rate ‘Bourne’

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An old man becomes young again, and an interested viewer becomes bored again.


Comic-Con’s ‘Zombie Walk’ Is Canceled Because Of Last Year’s Car Accident

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When entitled cosplayers meet pushy SoCal drivers it ruins everyone's fun.