05.29.09 8 years ago 15 Comments

Oh man.  So Manny Shyamalan, fresh off his latest huge flop, is directing The Last Airbender, an adaptation of an anime series from Nickelodeon, starring Dev “Captain Sullenface” Patel from Slumdog Millionaire.  Shyamalan, anime, Nickelodeon, Slumdog… The only way I could hate this idea any worse is if you added “featuring a cameo by white guys with dreadlocks, soundtrack by Coldplay, a commentary by Tyra Banks and the cast of The View, and a special appearance by my asshole neighbor who listens to R&B with his speaker on the floor.”  Oh God.  Can you imagine?  This is going to be more self-serious than Jesse James and Def Poetry Night put together.  Every time I hear about this project, I turn into this guy.

[picture source = moviegod]

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