Patton Oswalt ‘Pitched’ An Action Movie Idea To The Rock On Twitter

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05.05.14 29 Comments
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It’s funny how things that begin as jokes can somehow end up a reality, and a lot of people are probably hoping that this idea rings true for a brief but amusing Twitter exchange between Patton Oswalt and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson earlier tonight. Johnson got the ball rolling by Tweeting at the stand-up comic that we was listening to his classic Star Wars/George Lucas bit, and Oswalt was obviously enthused by such a huge star showing a little appreciation from one thespian to another. But that’s when Oswalt pitched his idea for their own buddy action/comedy entitled Pecs & Chubbs: Detroit Takedown, and the Rock seemed pretty enthusiastic about it.

Considering the Rock will star in just about anything if the price is right – please watch the trailer for Hercules if you think I’m being mean – and Oswalt is long overdue for his own “Rob Schneider in Judge Dredd” kind of role, Pecs & Chubbs would be a great first film for a Lethal Weapon-esque franchise. Hell, I even made a movie poster for it that they can use for a small fee and backend points.

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And if none of this works out, I’d be more than happy if these guys went with Alexandra Daddario’s idea for #TrueDetectiveSeason2. Of course, she is required to star in it, too, and I’m sure she’d make a very believable girlfriend for Oswalt’s character.

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