03.18.08 10 years ago 32 Comments

Peter Berg will direct the second film adaptation of Dune (David Lynch did the first back in ’84) for Paramount.  

The original 1965 novel centers on a remote desert planet called Arakis, which is the sole provider of the universally loved spice fuel Melange. A power struggle ensues over who will control the spice. Berg follows David Lynch, who directed the 1984 original. The property was also turned into a 2000 Sci Fi Channel miniseries that starred William Hurt. [MovieWeb]

Peter Berg most recently directed The Kingdom, which, if you haven’t seen it, is like trying to watch a really kickass movie with a vibrator strapped to your face (and not in a good way).  Anyway, let’s hope he does a great job with this because if he makes another goddamned shakey cam movie I’m going to drive to his house and beat his family to death with a shovel*.

*And by that I mean whine a lot, and possibly hold my breath.

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