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Once again, the victim in Roman Polanski’s case has officially asked for his release.

The attorney for the victim in Roman Polanski’s 32-year-old sex case is joining his lawyers’ bid to have the director sentenced in absentia to time served.
Attorney Lawrence Silver on Wednesday faxed to other lawyers in the case a motion he planned to file Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, asking that the director be sentence in absentia. On behalf of the victim, Samantha Geimer, Silver also is supporting a motion by Polanski’s lawyers urging that Polanski be sentenced to time served. [Yahoo]

An earlier appeal to have the case tried in absentia was denied last month.  From the beginning, Polanski’s victim has said she only wanted the case to be over with.  My guess is it’ll be a few more months before the lawyers decide whether to have a preliminary hearing to rule on whether to read the letter.  Elsewhere, Polanski’s next movie, Ghost Writer, which opens in February, has a poster. Say what you will about the man, he’s still a great director.  It’s like he has a gift for strongarming the camera into doing whatever he wants. *slide whistle*

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