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06.29.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Hey. So I wrote this thing about my local Popeye’s for Justin Halpern’s site. Maybe you want to read it. But hey, no pressure. |TheseFriesAreGood|

Frotcast 106: The Newsroom, Dating Site Email Rejections with Matt Louv |Frotcast|

Tommy Davidson Q & A post-mortem |Film Drunk|

Louis C.K.’s Guide to Parenting |Warming Glow|

Pug Guy [via DAPS]

An In-Depth Profile Of A Lady Who Makes Fart Fetish Videos |Film Drunk|

This Star Wars Gotye Parody Is The Best Star Wars Gotye Parody |Gamma Squad|

The Miami Heat Porn Stars Are Women Of Their Words, But They Have Rules |With Leather|

Well Done, CNN. Well Done. |UPROXX|

A$AP Rocky “Ridin’” x Lana Del Rey “National Anthem” Video |Smoking Section|

Andrew Garfield Based His Spider-Man Performance On Porn, You Don’t Say… |TheSuperficial|

CNN Staffers Revolt Over Blown Coverage Of ObamaCare Ruling |Buzzfeed|

Katy Perry Performance Number 2,694 |IDLYITW|

Colbert Blows The Lid Off Gay Oreo Controversy |HuffPost Comedy|

People Tripping Is Always Funny, Should Be Mandatory |Videogum|

Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Modern Family’s Ariel Winter) |College Humor|

TV’s Best Confessions Of Love |Daily What|

This movie is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions |Fark|

Three Years After Billy Mays’ Death: Where Are We As A People? |ScreenJunkies|

Who Will End the Year as the Biggest Movie Star of 2012? |Pajiba|

Memorable Biting Incidents in Sports History |MentalFloss|

Classical Paintings Made from Thousands of Cartoon Doodles |Unreality|

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