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Here are some new posters and banners for Clash of the Titans, from director Louis LeTerrier, starring Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, and captain I’m in everything now Sam Worthington.  Not that I ever had much enthusiasm for this project, but anything there was quickly snuffed out by the teaser trailer — tagline: “TITANS. WILL. CLASH.”  GRR, THREE. WORD. TAGLINES!  I bet if you took a shot for every time someone referenced 300 during pre-production, you’d be Nick Nolte.  On that note, here are my two favorite 300 gif animations:

I’ve heard Gerard Butler is just like that in real life.  They say if you cut off his head, his hips will just keep thrusting like a praying mantis.

[bigger versions at RopeofSilicon]

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