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01.06.09 20 Comments

The Producer’s Guild of America has released their best picture nominations, and they are:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (trailer, my review)
Frost/Nixon (trailer)
The Dark Knight
Slumdog Millionaire

The PGAs are typically a blueprint for the Oscars, which makes today’s news bad news for Revolutionary Road and the likewise shunned. Last year, four of five PGA contenders went on to score Best Picture nominations at the Academy Awards. [Yahoo]

I don’t know why we make such a big deal about this crap.  You think it’s coincidence that four of the five nominees came out in the last month?  The people who vote on this stuff just aren’t that smart, they probably vote for whatever they saw last.  Which is why if I had a movie in contention, at the premiere I would serve popcorn laced with poison! My diabolical plan can’t possibly fail.

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