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Anyone who covers the movie business knows that Hollywood is essentially like Lenny from Of Mice and Men: as soon as it finds a new play thing, it can’t help but pet it really hard until it dies and next thing you know its best friend is blowing the brains out of the front of its skull for being a retard.  Avatar earned two billion dollars, so now 3D is the retard’s mouse toy.

Stereo Pictures, a Korean company with an American branch led by former Warner execs, is converting “Cats and Dogs 2” to 3D for July release.

Sure, why not?  That’s the kind of movie you basically blackmail parents into using their kids — why not find a way to charge them $5 more for it?

Stereo Pictures Korea president Sung Young-seok told Daily Variety that his company is in talks for three additional pictures at Warner and is bidding on a number of 3D films for individual directors, including one for Michael Bay.
Bay’s next project is “Transformers 3,” and there have been discussions among Bay, Paramount and Industrial Light & Magic about going 3D with the pic. The big stumbling block is the extra time required to do production and visual effects in 3D, as the movie’s release date is already set. Having the pic post-converted could alleviate that problem. [Variety via ScreenJunkies]

Avatar was conceived and shot as a 3D project from the very beginning, which is why it’s more or less the only film that was improved by 3D.  But it’s not like we’re making high art here. Hell, Transformers‘ mission statement is to find new ways to gun-rape your senses, why not hijack your eyeballs while it’s at it?  And as far as Cats and Dogs 2, I think Sung Young-seok put it best when he said, “It sound rike a very dericious feerm.”

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