There’s no post-credits scene in X-Men: First Class

05.31.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

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I caught a screening of X-Men: First Class this morning, and while my review is embargoed until the release date, as far as I know I’m not barred from divulging anti-spoilers of things that didn’t happen.  So in the hopes of saving you and the staff of your local theater some time and hassle, I can report that there is no post-credit Easter egg at the end of X-Men: First Class (presumably because it’s a 20th Century Fox production and not a Disney/Marvel one).

On the plus side, I did have the privilege of sitting through a good seven minutes of absolutely fascinating factoids about X-Men: First Class.  For instance, did you know that they had a separate production crew for London, LA, and Georgia, all with their own assistant directors, grips, and production managers?  It’s true!  They must have enough staff to run six aircraft carriers.  I even chose a favorite crewmember (which will soon become a recurring feature):  Second Unit Director Brian Smrz.  That’s right, Smrz.  Like the mutants in the film, he seems to have been born without need of vowels.  And according to his IMDB bio, his brother is stuntman Brett Smrz, with whom he once performed a motorcycle jump over the Los Angeles river.  So today we drink to you, Brian Smrz, our first ever Non-Famous Crewmember of the Day.  How do I pronounce that, anyway?  Do I have to plug my nostrils when I say it?

As the old family saying goes, “once you go Smrz, you never brtdsz schlxrsz.”

Just for the smell of it, here’s January Jones in her underwear:

Smile, psycho.  Jeez, she’s got those runaway-bride eyes.

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