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07.14.09 19 Comments

The first part of a viral marketing/mockumentary short about Raaaandy, Aziz Ansari’s character who will play some part in Judd Apatow’s Funny People, has hit the web. I got through about a minute of it. Everyone thinks this Randy character is hilarious, and nothing against Aziz Ansari (who was in a really good Flight of the Conchords episode), but I don’t quite get it.  I guess it’s supposed to be a parody of a bad comedian.  So it’s like, unfunny on purpose?  And if that’s the case, isn’t the Raaaaaaaandy character a lot like Dave Chappelle’s Reggie Warrington character in the Nutty Professor?  (See clip below) 

Or maybe I’m just racist for thinking all deliberately bad, fictional black comedian parodies look the same.

(And yes, this is the origin of my “women be shoppin‘” tag)

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