Real-Life Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Stormed Off Australian TV And Got Trashed By The Arby’s Guy

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05.12.14 21 Comments


At this point, there probably aren’t too many people out there who think Jordan Belfort is a swell guy. The big question is, is it wrong for him to continue to profit off all the illegal things he did, or is Jordan Belfort continuing to live large simply the price we have to pay for him continuing to make enough money to pay off all the people he still owes? At issue in a recent interview with Australian 60 Minutes was a deal Belfort has with an Australian talent management company.

Presenter Liz Hayes asked Belfort about the contract he has with his Australian talent management agency:

“The last thing is that you have an oral contract with your management, the Fordham company, is that an attempt to hide your income?”

That was when the wolf snapped.

“I’ve said enough about this, let’s move on, since you’ve stonewalled me at every step!” Belfort said.

“I’m done with this, I’m not gonna get attacked here — you’ve got a lot of nerve boy, I‘ll tell you!” he said before storming out.

He came back eventually, but accused Hayes of doing a “hatchet job”. [BusinessInsider.Au]

Or, maybe he was just pissed that the guy from an Arby’s commercial called him a punk:


Wait, what?

FYI, that’s Bo Dietl, who used to be Belfort’s head of security. He said in a recent interview that Belfort is a “scumbag” who never really learned his lesson. But honestly, I didn’t need Professor Smokehouse Brisket here to tell me that.

Me, I’m fine with Jordan Belfort continuing to make money, so long as he doesn’t do it “training young entrepreneurs,” as his promo video describes it. Which is basically the financial equivalent of George Zimmerman training young Neighborhood Watch captains. I also wouldn’t worry too much about some deal Belfort has with an “Australian Talent Management Agency.” It’s probably just three guys named “Kevin” who tell everyone at the pub what a “good bloke” he is whenever they get shithoused.

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