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MovieWeb writes, "Joan Collins has just signed on to play Lady Delia Morrison in Robin Hardy’s anticipated Wicker Man sequel, Cowboy’s [sic] For Christ."

To which I went, "Whaaa?  A Wicker Man sequel? Wasn’t that a Nic Cage movie?"  For which a quick look around RottenTomatoes will get you reviews like "a disastrous miscalculation," "utterly misconceived," "a stupid, stupid movie," and "the worst ever."  But apparently, this is a sequel to the 1973 British original on which the 2006 Nic Cage abortion was based, and not a sequel to the 2006 abortion itself.

Robin Hardy wrote and will direct Cowboys For Christ, which will reunite Hardy with starring actor Christopher Lee. Cowboys For Christ is a story about a gospel singer and her cowboy friend, both virgins, who set off from Texas to enlighten Scottish heathens about the ways of Christ. They are welcomed on the estate of a genial laird [a Scottish word for Lord], again played by Lee, whose intentions turn out to be less than honorable.

Little known fact: Cowboys for Christ was the original title of Brokeback Mountain.

PS – Who’s Joan Collins?  She’s dead, right? 

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