Red-Band Trailer: Paul Giamatti goes medieval on your ass

Senior Editor
05.04.11 21 Comments

Ever since HBO’s Rome ended, I’ve had a pretty stiff nerd boner for seeing James Purefoy (who played homicidal ladies man Marc Antony) kill people with a sword.  In addition to Purefoy as one of the Knights Templar (my God, A Da Vinci Code parallel! Quick, call Tom Hanks’ hair!), Ironclad has Paul Giamatti (can I call you Pauly G?  let’s assume I can call you Pauly G) playing the evil King John, as well as Brian Cox, Bob Hoskins, and the late Peter Postlewaite. Holy hell, that is a cast made of dreams. With Pauly G and Brian C chewin’ scenery and swingin’ swords, how could you go wrong, right? The only thing that concerns me is the bro-rawk soundtrack playing over the top. You shouldn’t have to make a trailer about knights sword fighting seem MORE TOUGH. And that butt metal only makes a trailer seem more tough in the same way an Affliction shirt makes you better at fighting. Which is to say… IT TOTALLY WORKS! SUCK IT, BRO, I JUST ICED YOU.

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