Rose Byrne Sounds Like She's FRAHM BAHSTAHN In The New 'Neighbors' Trailer

Senior Writer
12.20.13 30 Comments


Here’s the new trailer for Neighbors, the horrifying story of what happens when some good, hard-working people realize that they’ve moved next door to some sh*tty young parents who wouldn’t know a good time if it woke up confused on their bathroom floor. Zac Efron and Dave Franco star as the two righteous bros who somehow bought a house in a regular neighborhood and turned it into their frat house, and Seth Rogen and a very ridiculously, almost Sanderesque Boston-accented Rose Byrne play the aging squares that wage war on their partying enemies.

I look forward to seeing this if only to find out how Rogen and Byrne are the only people in this neighborhood that call the cops on a bunch of college kids who throw parties every night. The only reason I can come up with is that if it is in Boston, everyone else is already passed out drunk by 7.

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