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09.19.08 31 Comments

A day after the producers of Fifty Dead Men Walking (which also stars Ben Kingsley – that’s his POA wife in the pic) distanced themselves from dumb things Rose McGowan said, they were criticized by the guy whose real-life story inspired the script.

Martin McGartland… said that director Kari Skogland should never have allowed former IRA volunteers to provide security and creative input during last year’s Belfast shoot.
“(Skogland) should certainly not have been negotiating with the IRA to be able to film in certain areas of Belfast and she should never have allowed former IRA terrorists to be on set while filming,” he said.
Skogland and her cast last week told the media in Toronto that former IRA volunteers had helped onscreen authenticity by providing tips on how to make bombs and torture IRA informants.
McGartland also fingered the Canadian government [Hee hee!] for investing in a film that was made with the help, and apparent support, of a terrorist organization. [THR]

If you’re keeping score at home, that makes three feature stories about this movie, all covering basically the same non-controversy.  I’m annoyed they’re getting so much press.  Especially while my erotic yet tasteful epic, Fifty Dead Chicks Pissing, continues to be ignored by the corporate media.

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