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/Film found recently found some Russian posters for James Cameron’s Avatar on a Russian site that were quickly taken down.  No word on why they got pulled, but this one was the most interesting, as it shows a close shot of the dragonfly-winged pterodactyl creatures that the cat people will ride around on when they fight the helicopters.  Yes, I really just typed that.  The head looks sort of like a painted turtle head with fingers sticking out the front, and trust me when I say you don’t ever want to do a Google image search for “turtle head with fingers sticking out”.  Reached for comment, Homophobic Turtle said, “Painted turtles?  Yeah, I know a couple of those guys.  Totally queer.”

Wow, this post went off the rails pretty fast.  Anyway, here’s a video comparison of the CGI in the teaser vs. the CGI in the full trailer, in case any of you nerdlingtons are interested.

Avatar VFX Comparison – Teaser vs Theatrical Trailer from Gurisa on Vimeo.

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