Ryan Reynolds Is Going Green LOL!

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05.14.10 10 Comments

Aw yeah, ladies, you asked for it and we got it. There’s nothing we hear more than the demands of, “Show more pictures of Ryan Reynolds putting on clothes.” Here at FilmDrunk, we know how much the ladies want to avoid the possibility of hot abs and sex appeal. That’s why when we heard that a photo of Reynolds was leaked from the set of Green Lantern, we had to post it. Get your Rabbits ready and scream Van Wilder’s name.

Change the color on our mood rings, MTV News:

Previously, “Green Lantern” co-writer and producer Greg Berlanti said the film’s team was “on lockdown” about the look they’re going for with the live-action Hal Jordan, though DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns seemed to confirm that Reynolds’ costume will be more CGI than actual clothing.

One thing we know for sure, however, is that the film’s female lead, Blake Lively, won’t wear Star Sapphire’s “pink bodysuit” any time soon.

Let me be clear: Blake Lively could wear Ryan Gosling’s denim peacoat and I will still see this movie 16 times without blinking. But enough about Blake’s perfect body and face, this post is about Ryan “Abtastic” Reynolds. So let’s see the whole package:

Oh hot damn, that’s some sexy gear. You may have noticed that FilmDrunk correspondent Fuzzybottoms Poochbutt was on the scene. I asked him what he thought about Ryan’s CGI outfit and he replied: “Dude’s the real deal. If I didn’t have to squat to pee, I’d be humping his leg like a Roland Emmerich movie was ending.”

Well said, Fuzzybottoms. Well said.

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