Sam Rockwell sings, dances, makes me happy

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05.19.10 16 Comments

Remember Chris Klein’s Mamma Mia audition from yesterday?  Well this is Sam Rockwell’s screen test for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and it’s pretty much the opposite of that — charming, funny, and oozing with talent.  Rockwell does all his own stunts, including the splits and some fancy little soft shoe routines.  Maybe it’s not that hard, but I was impressed.  Don’t let these shapely legs and leotard fool you, I’m actually not a dance expert. Anyway, check it out. It’s basically three minutes of Sam Rockwell being charming as sh*t (and director George Clooney pops his head in at the end).  I heart Sam Rockwell so hard.  He’s like a homeless Paul Rudd.

[via Pajiba]

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