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02.27.08 35 Comments

After the success of Step Up 2 the Streets ("It’s not where you live.  It’s where you’re at."), Disney ain’t be wasting no time.  They done already be planning be a sequel, which am titled Step Up 3-D.  (Presumably it will concern champion Poplocker Darian Darnell Dickerson, also known as 3-D).

The producers of the first two Step Ups, Offspring Entertainment partners Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot, will produce the third. 

Offspring previously produced the Sandra Bullock starrer "Premonition" and just wrapped the Burr Steers-directed "Seventeen" at New Line; that film starred Shankman’s "Hairspray" lead Zac Efron.

This week, Shankman began directing the Adam Sandler starrer "Bedtime Stories" for Disney.

Among the projects that Offspring is developing at Disney are "Undateable," a comedy scripted by Jack Angelo and Sam Brown (with Fuse Entertainment also producing); "Monday, Monday," a Flint Wainess-scripted comedy that is a teenage "Groundhog Day"; "Wish," a live-action "Aladdin" scripted by Bill Kelly ("Enchanted"); a Jason Filardi-scripted "Topper" remake that Offspring will produce with Mandeville, with Steve Martin starring; and a Don Scott-scripted remake of "All of Me" that has Queen Latifah attached to star. 

This just in, Adam Shankman is worse than Hitler.  I’d be convinced that last line was supposed to be "a Don Knotts scripted remake" if Don Knotts weren’t dead.  

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