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10.31.07 33 Comments

Brothers and famous directors Ridley and Tony Scott are bringing Edgar Allen Poe’s classic short story The Tell-Tale Heart to the big screen.  Michael Cuesta will direct and Dave Callaham will write the screenplay.

The story, of course, concerns a dude who hates his elderly neighbor because he has a nasty looking eyeball, so he kills him.  He hides his body under the floorboards, but he freaks out in front of the cops because he can still hear the dead dude’s heart beating.

What we learn from the story, of course, is that lazy eyes are freaky and a great reason to off somebody.  That’s right, watch your back Paris Hilton and Stu Scott!

Imagine Stu Scott underneath your floorboards.  You’d be chillin’, having tea with your normal crew, and all of a sudden you’d look up and be all like, "Did you just say ‘Boo-ya?’  And everyone would just keep sipping their tea but look at you all crazy because no one had actually said ‘boo-ya’."

Poe was so well known that today any short written piece that rhymes or is read pretentiously is called "Poe-try" (I think Kanye may have been a little unclear on the concept).

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