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05.07.08 30 Comments

EW has the first production still from Milk, the Gus Van Sant biopic about assassinated openly gay San Francisco city official Harvey Milk. Ha, more like Gus Van Can’t–make-a-decent-movie-lately, am I right, guys?  High Five?  Anyone?

Explains producer Dan Jinks (American Beauty). "[Sean] is playing a guy who’s not at all like him, way beyond the sexuality of the character. Harvey was this guy who wanted everybody to love him, and he loved everybody else. Sean just completely became that guy. It’s a real transformation.”

Jinks went on to say that Penn was aided in his transformation by tiny little champagne flutes that make everyone who holds them look super queer.  "We originally wanted other guys’ cocks, but the champagne flutes seemed subtler," he said.

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