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02.12.09 18 Comments

Okay, everyone, time to freak out! Chris Nolan’s next movie won’t be a Dark Knight sequel!

In a whopping seven-figure buy, Warner Bros. has nabbed “Inception,” a script written by Christopher Nolan as his next directing vehicle. Deal allows WB to keep the director of its 2008 top-grosser “The Dark Knight” in the studio fold and gives WB a big film for summer 2010. Nolan will begin production this summer on the project that Warner describes as a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind [Editor’s Note: I loathe you, Variety writers]. The studio hopes to bring Nolan back for a third Batfilm, but the filmmaker hasn’t yet committed to doing that pic. [Variety]

What the f-ck! You make a great movie everyone loves and we demand you make a sequel and now this is how you repay us?  It’s almost as if this asshole wants to wait for a script or a good idea or some gay bullshit like that.  Screw him. Someone get Brett Ratner on the phone. Or just set up that spotlight with the silhouette of nachos on it and point it at the sky above West Hollywood. He’ll know what to do.

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