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I think FilmDrunk just found its official movie reviewer.  Some of what he had to say about Rambo:

Overall, it just wasn’t a bunch of boring back and forth crap.  No talking. It was just straightforward action.  Which I liked.  Some people may think Sylvester Stallone is too old for the part, but I think he did a pretty good job.

A little more about our reviewer from his YouTube profile:

Name: Sexman
Age: 54
A guy who loves to make videos and have a good time.
Country: Canada
Occupation: Making Videos
Companies: Gang Bang Prodouctions
Interests and Hobbies: Making Videos playing video games watching tv writing.
Movies and Shows: Movies: Super Bad Simpsons AVP-r. Shows: South Park Family Guy Simpsons.

This kid is the real-life McLovin.  Sexman, we salute you. 

Commenter ‘I Will Do Questionable Things To Your Mother’ writes, "Can you even imagine how hard this dude parties?"    

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