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04.08.09 20 Comments

A new batch of clips from Fighting aka OMG OMG Channing Tatum Shirtless aka Freddy Got Fisted was released today, including the one above, entitled “Shawn fights the Korean opponent.”  Which is odd, because the “Korean opponent” is actually Cung Le, who’s Vietnamese-American and a former Sanshou champion (Sanshou being a Chinese variation of kickboxing that incorporates trips and wrestling throws and oh god why do I know this).  The best part is watching Terrence Howard in the background.  You can tell his soul has a hard time absorbing all this violence.  He just thinks the world would be a silkier place if cats could learn to love each other.  Now dig this vibe, man.  *bongo playing*

There’s some sweet shirtless interracial action in this one. Plus, Luis Guzmán!

[more clips over at RopeofSilicon]

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