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05.22.09 32 Comments

So Shia LaBeouf directed this music video, for a guy named “Cage”, who’s apparently a more hipstery, less talented version of Eminem.

The actor has been a long-time supporter of Cage, and back in 2007 he told Vanity Fair that he was going to be directing a feature film based on the rapper’s life. According to Cage’s bio, he was “Born to a heroin-addicted father and a distant mother, he battled drug addiction and was institutionalized for 18 months, where he became a test subject for Prozac and tried several times to end his life before discovering hip-hop as a vehicle to express his inner-torment.” [via Cinematical]

Oh hey, sorry I didn’t see you there.  Don’t mind me, I was just making fart sounds with my mouth.  Anyway, the cool thing about directing music videos is that you can film literally anything.  Cats masturbating?  Midget drinking milk?  Sure, why not.  Intercut that with some concert footage and you’re good to go.  Wow, you can direct music videos?  Amazing!  Next you’ll tell me you can DJ!

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