10.18.07 9 years ago • 77 Comments

Hey, remember Napoleon Dynamite?  Of course you do, they keep trying to crowbar his ass into every movie. Blades of Glory, School for Scoundrels, The Benchwarmers, Just Like Heaven – what do these movies have in common?  I didn’t pay to see any of them.

In Mama’s Boy, Jon Heder, everyone’s 2nd favorite Mormon* plays a 29-year-old who still lives with his mom (Diane Keaton) whose life gets turned upside down when his mom starts dating a new man (Jeff Daniels).  Wow, sounds like Mr. Woodcock meets School for Scoundrels.  What a great business decision, those movies did really well at the box office, right? 

Anna Faris may be hot, but she’s yet to make a good career decision (that restraining order wasn’t so nice either, bitch – together, we could’ve gone straight to the top!).  And Diane Keaton?  Dead to me. 

*Number 1 is Steve Young 

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