Shrek tickets will cost $20 some places

05.21.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

Shrek Dog always resented that showboatin' Puss in Boots Baby

Whenever people bitch about movies costing 10 or 12 bucks, I’m usually not on board — 10 bucks is still cheaper than any other form of entertainment outside pigeon kickin’ or rat spottin’.  But this weekend, some theaters in Manhattan will be charging $20 for tickets to Shrek Forever After, which is one of those movies people are only Shanghai’d into seeing by their mewling brood of wiener kids anyway.

Several theaters will charge $20 per adult ticket to IMAX showings of the animated 3-D family film “Shrek Forever After”.   The theaters include the AMC theater in Manhattan’s Kips Bay neighborhood, AMC Loews 34, AMC Loews Lincoln Square and AMC Empire 42nd Street.

The increases weren’t officially announced, but were reflected in prices posted Wednesday on movie-ticketing Web sites such as and tracked by BTIG LLC media analyst Richard Greenfield.

While box-office revenues are up about 6% this year compared to the same period last year, attendance is slightly down—a reversal from several months of rapid expansion at the box office and a record-breaking year in 2009, when attendance was up more than 5% and revenues broke the $10 billion barrier.

Who the hell needs an IMAX screen to see Shrek?  The animation is already 3D, now you’re going to add another layer of depth to that, and blow up the whole thing on a 70-foot-screen?  How much stimulation do you need?  If I pay five more bucks, will Mike Myers sit next to me and poke me with a stick the whole time?  If I’m paying for my dumb kid to see Shrek, he’ll see it in Shut the F*ck Up-Vision™ or he’ll see it not at all.

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