Skyline Trailer: Aliens hate when you stare at their lights

09.30.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

This is the trailer for Skyline, a $10 million independent film directed by the Strause Brothers, who shot much of it in their condo but also have the benefit of owning an effects company that does work on big-budget films.  It appears to be about an invasion of aliens who get super pissed when they catch you checking out their headlights and vaccuum you up — a penchant for vacuuming being a trait common to aliens both illegal and outer space.  Anyway, it promises to be a real human drama, by which I mean the characters are always saying things like, “GET OUT OF THERE!”, “RUN!”, and “EXPOSIIITIOOOOON!!!” (*shakes fist at sky*)

A few of my favorite TubeChop moments after the jump.

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