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02.20.09 34 Comments

All nine actors who play the three main characters in Slumdog Millionaire will be attending the Oscars, even the two youngest ones, whom some have alleged were mistreated by the filmmakers.

Also attending will be Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 10, and Rubina Ali, 9, both of whom were plucked from their homes in a Mumbai slum by director Danny Boyle and his team. The trip will be their first on an airplane and their first out of the country, relatives said.
“I’m very happy that I’m going to the Oscars,” Rubina said in her home Friday, hours before she was to leave for the United States. “My friends are saying, ‘your fate is so good.'”
“I’m not scared,” said Rubina, who will be traveling with her uncle. “I’m going to go and take a lot of pictures and show them to people over here.” [AP]

Oh sure, it’s all about fate. See what this movie has done, you idiots?  Why go to school, right kids? Clearly you can learn all you need from living on the street, and if you’re ever meant to raise youself out of a life of poverty, destiny will take care of everything.  Anyway, I know I said I hated this stupid collection of clichés that everyone’s calling best picture, but I’m happy for these kids.  When you spend your childhood wearing contact lenses made of fly eggs and crying yourself to sleep on a pillow made of a sibling’s bloated corpse… well, at that point it’s fair to say you’ve earned your giftbag full of iPods and Restylane.

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