This is the trailer for The Visitor, playing at the SXSW festival in Austin, which also screened at Sundance.

Written and directed by Tom McCarthy, the man behind 2003’s quirky-cute The Station Agent, the plus side of this one is that it looks like it actually has a plot.  The downside?  This is what people are saying about it:

Official Synopsis: …in a world of six billion people, it only takes one to change your life.

CinemaBlend: …in its best moments, the film is a celebration of the transformative power of music, as elderly, worn down Walter learns the drums from an energetic and likable illegal immigrant.

Cinematical: …the result is a movie with a message, sure, but it works even better as a touching look at a lonely man who finds some warmth, friendship and affection in the most unexpected of places: His own forgotten apartment.

This reminds me of the time I dressed up like a Care Bear and made love to a unicorn under a rainbow.  The transcendancy of the moment was so luminescent that it could only be matched by sunlight reflected in the early morning dew of a spring meadow, or in the glow of a Thomas Kinkade painting. 

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