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When I first read this story I thought they already made a Soul Train movie, but then I realized I was thinking of Soul Plane, the film I lost my ass virginity to.  Then I thought it’d be cool if they made a Soul Planes, Trains & Automobiles with Tyler Perry and Kevin James, but I realized that was basically Hitch.  Anyway, here’s the rundown:

– Produced by Don Cornelius, host of Soul Train
– Written by Malcolm Spellman, to be set in the 80s.
– “All of the hip-hop street dances you see today were born during that time period and were first seen on that show, and I remember doing all of them when I was a kid,” said Spellman.
– “Protag comes from the L.A. hood, and his ticket out is his gift for ‘popping,’ a street dance that became popular in the period.”
– “This guy is a serious popper, with street edge, and he wants to get on that [Soul Train dance] tour, with the hottest of the hot,” Spellman said. [Variety]

“They hired me to write a movie about dancing, so I figured I’d make it exactly like every other dance movie ever made,” Spellman added. “I’ve only got three pages so far, but I was also thinking two attractive people could fall in love.”

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