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08.27.07 11 Comments

In a recent interview, Susan Sarandon confirmed two rumors about the upcoming Speed Racer movie; that it's going to be rated G, and that it's being shot on some newfangled camera that will use a process that renders everything in the frame in sharp focus.  You know, like the opposite of Larry Wachowski's gender.

Evidently, they’re using multiple layers of printed information to guarantee that everything in frame is always in focus. Hyper-clarity. As in a cartoon.

Hmm, a G-rating, I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I take dumps that are PG-13.  Then again, Finding Nemo was rated G, and I suspect I would've enjoyed that movie even if I hadn't taken mushrooms that day.  I've never tested the theory, because what would be the point?  If a hotdog tastes good with mustard, why eat it plain, ya know?

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