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10.31.08 26 Comments

The movie blogosphere is all a-jizz today over the news that Sony has hired David Lindsay-Abaire to write the script for Spider-Man 4 (Zodiac writer James Vanderbilt had previously written a draft).  Besides having a stupid hyphenated name, Lindsay-Abaire won a Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for his play Rabbitt Hole.

“Ooh, look at me, I have a Pulitzer Prize.”  Whatever.  I didn’t even know they had those in theater.  Who even watches plays anymore?  Plays are like movies without explosions or bare tits.  They might as well award a Pulitzer Prize in Alchemy, or riding horses.

Oh hey, and you know what else this guy wrote?  Inkheart.  With Brendan Fraser.  Case closed.  Advantage: me.  Mixed metaphors? Touchdown.

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