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10.29.09 22 Comments

This is a just-released deleted scene from Star Trek.  I loved the movie, but this highlights the one aspect I hated — shaky-cam, quick-cut action sequences that give you no sense of the spatial awareness of a scene, just the cliff’s notes cause and effect.  Anyway, I’ll let /Film describe the context because that’s easiest for me.

JJ Abrams shot a sequence for the Star Trek reboot featuring a few members of the infamous alien race, the Klingons. The scene featured Nero [Eric Bana] chained to a table being interrogated by the masked, ruffle-headed creatures with Centurion slugs who are looking to find out information on the future. The sequence basically explained what Nero was up to in the missing years. This is one of the deleted scenes in the prison break sequence that has found its way online to promote the upcoming DVD release.

Wait, so this was supposed to be the scene that finally gives us Klingons and now that it’s here they’re wearing a mask the whole time?  That’s like paying for sex and then finding out you have to wear a condom.  Relax bitch I told you I was clean.

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