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I know, I know, it sounds like a celebrity jeopardy fantasy matchup, but Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, and 50 Cent are all going to be in the same movie together.  13 is a remake of French filmmaker Gela Babluani’s 13 Tzameti.

Babluani penned the English-language remake, which centers on a man who steals a mysterious package that promises to pay out a fortune.
“13 Tzameti” was the winner of the 2006 Sundance Grand Jury Prize.
The film will start shooting Nov. 17 in and around New York City. [Variety]

Oi, dis package ain’t so fock’n mysterious if evry bird in town’s seen it, now duz dey?  Cuz oy’s fock’n Jason bloody Stafam now ain’t oy?  Now wot’s diss big bloody black bahstahd who talks wif ‘is fock’n mouf closed doin eah?  An oo’s diss cont wiff da face dat’s made out a fock’n clay?  Duz oy get ta droive roun’ inna flash sazz wagon in diss one?  An when do oy staht trasnpor’erin’ fings?  Or duzz maybe moy package set to explode if da birds get too far away from it?  Oy’ll be in moy fock’n traila doin bloody squat frusts.

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