SUPERCUT: Will Smith's Best Zings

05.24.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Here we have a mash-up of Will Smith’s greatest zingers, courtesy of See if you can guess which one’s first. Go ahead, just guess. Which reminds me, I did a comedy show for some college kids not too long ago, in which I referenced Will Smith’s famous “Welcome ta Earth!” line, and all the kids just stared at me blankly. At which point I realized they were probably three when that movie came out. Stupid kids today, not getting my old Independence Day references. Heck, they probably couldn’t even sing you the Fresh Prince theme song! What’s the matter with our education system today?? I blame Obama.

Anyway, watching this, I realize that Will Smith is basically the focus-grouped Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s younger, he’s urban, but not too urban, he has attitude, but he’s not really edgy or threatening, and he appears to have personality, though without any of the scary “opinions” about anything. He’s a capitalist’s dream, a movie star as engineered in a lab by studio execs.

"No more Mr. Knife Guy." Yep, that happened.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist including these.


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