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12.03.09 16 Comments

You really can’t go wrong when you put Quentin Tarantino in a Japanese commercial.  I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but the language barrier is simply delicious.  From what I can gather, Quentin shows up at a lady’s house with his talking dog.  Only the talking dog doesn’t like the lady’s plastic dog — who I believe is the mascot of the company the commercial’s for.  Then Quentin shouts “Samurai spiritu!” and does an elaborate pantomime, presumably about how his dog is going to kill their dog with a sword, which is how dogs traditionally settle disputes in Japan, where many have fled to avoid becoming dinner in Korea.  Then the plastic dog gets a phone call from Quentin’s wife and puts it on speaker phone, and she tells Quentin she knows he’s been hanging out with Asian chicks again, and he better get his sorry ass home.  So he runs out the door, and his talking dog makes a glib comment about how he’s pussy whipped.

That’s how I interpreted it anyway.  God I love Japan.

[japanator via CurrrentMovies]

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