Taylor Lautner on the set of ‘Hurrr I’m Tom Cruithe’

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07.13.10 28 Comments

(*starts humming “Take My Breath Away“*) (…as long as there are no gays in there.)

Here’s Taylor Lautner on the Pittsburgh set of Abduction (Taylor Lautner goes on a hunt for his true identity after seeing his face on a missing person’s website — directed by John Singleton).  It’s nice to see that our collective conception of what “Hollywood cool guy” is supposed to look like has evolved so much in 25 years.  Dude, Marlon Brando was alive, thin, and attractive the last time this was cool.  We’re going to be farming Alpacas on Jupiter and Will Smith’s great great great grandson is still going to be riding around on a motorcycle in Aviator shades thinking he’s hot sh*t.

“A motorcycle?  Ooh, he’s such a bad boy,” people will say to their robot butlers while having sex with their cell phone.

[via DailyMail]

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