Tell Your Bros: Anchorman 2 Has A Poster

05.16.12 6 years ago 22 Comments


Ever since Will Ferrell, er, Ron Burgundy confirmed on Conan that the Channel 4 News Team would once again assemble for a sequel, bros and dudes have been flashing back to 2004 with pure joy and excitement. Now that we also know that The Dictator – in theaters everywhere today – will feature the first Anchorman 2 teaser in the previews, we might as well just go ahead and open the floodgates and start repeating every classic line from the original film.

But wait – you may be wondering, “Will Anchorman 2 feature all the same hilarious vintage styles and costumes of the first film?” Worry not, ladies. Anchorman 2 has a new poster and the answer to your question is “Whale’s vagina jazz flute I pooped a squirrel hand grenade toilet store.”

Start planning your Wasted Winter Wet T-Shirt Costume Party now, Sig Ep bros, because I got dibs on the Brian Fantana suit.

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