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11.10.09 31 Comments

Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence made the above trailer, Skank Robbers, featuring their characters Sheneneh and Wanda, as a bit for the BET awards.  Audience reaction was said to be huge, and I imagine a lot of black women got out of their seats and pumped their fists and screamed because that’s what black women do at stand up shows.  They’re the best audience, easily.  Anyway, they’re going to make the fake trailer into a movie (a la Machete) for Screen Gems, because Screen Gems is basically Fox on a smaller scale.

Foxx will write the script for “Sheneneh and Wanda”, and he and Martin will produce together through Foxx’s Foxxhole and Lawrence’s Runteldat production banners.  In the comedy, Sheneneh and Wanda are modern day independent women trying to make it on their own, one bank robbery at a time. [Variety]

As a sketch it’s a decent concept — “I know the baby’s Chris Brown’s ’cause it keep tryin’ to kick me” — but can you really stretch a few one liners and funny makeup into an entire movie?  Who do they think they are, the Wayans brothers?  Also, when I was researching this, I started to type “Sheneneh and Wanda” into Google, and it suggested “Sheneneh and Wanda Sykes.”  Which means either Google is racist, or someone’s already gotten a head start on writing the next BET Awards parody trailer.

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