That’s A Strange Place For A Flamethrower

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11.08.11 16 Comments

I’m not exactly up to date on my Japanese instant classics, so forgive me if you’ve seen this one before. But today we bring you an exciting clip from the 2010 comedy/horror Kyonyû doragon: Onsen zonbi vs sutorippâ 5, or as I like to pronounce it without getting a headache, The Big Tits Dragon: Hot Spring Zombies Vs. Strippers. Once again, don’t you ever change, Japan.

According to the film’s lone review on IMDb, Dragon is the harrowing tale of five strippers who don’t have very many clients, so they make up for it by posing seductively and play fighting with each other to fill the space where plot would traditionally go. And as you’re about to watch in the clip after the jump, at some point one of the strippers becomes a zombie and attacks two of her peers. However, she doesn’t try to eat them as we’ve come to expect from traditional zombie films. That is, unless by “eat them” you mean she fires a flamethrower out of her cooch.

And yes, this is somewhat NSFW.

(Via Buzzfeed.)

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