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11.10.09 30 Comments

The stars of Twilight Saga: New Moon showed up to a special event in Hollywood last night, and predictably they were hit with the banshee wail of a thousand screaming teenage girls.  As you can see after the jump, it’s terrifying, like an icy wind from the realm of loneliness and conformity that chills the blood and smells of cat fur. But it wasn’t all bad, as the AP soon misidentified a guy at the podium as Cam Gigandet.  Haha, you idiots, that’s Kellen Lutz.  Oh God why do I know that I hate my job.

Sorry about the shirtless Cam Gigandet picture, guys, but just be thankful I didn’t use this shot of Kellen Lutz.  If I’d saved that on my computer I’d have to wash the hard drive out with bleach.

[via OMG]

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